Donorfy Onboarding – Our Client Stories

by | Jul 6, 2021 | News

Donorfy Onboarding – Our Client Stories. 

Our Donorfy onboarding packages are designed to help charity clients get the most out of Donorfy. We take a huge amount of pride in the work we do and, particularly because the nature of our clients’ work, we’re invested in the success of every project.


Implementing a new CRM has various challenges and we’re here to help alleviate the stress. We simplify the process and ensure our clients have their new system up and running, ready for success.


We love hearing from clients about how they now feel better equipped to fulfil their missions because of the support from DonorCare.  We were lucky enough to sit down with Amy Hinks (Development Manager at Booth Centre) and Rachael Hall (Database & Individual Giving Manager at Worcester Cathedral) to hear about their experiences.


What prompted you to invest in a new CRM?


Amy: As a small charity, we’re rather limited in terms of the resources available to us. We were using another system to manage our data that we felt simply wasn’t fit for purpose. As we were coming to the end of our contract with them, it felt like the right time to look into some different options.


Rachael: When I joined Worcester Cathedral, it was the first time anyone had been brought in to specifically look after and manage our data. As someone with quite a lot of experience in that area, I found the system we were using to be not at all user-friendly and rather limited. There were too many restrictions in terms of what we wanted to do and it was clear that it was time to invest in something new.


How did you come to decide on Donorfy?


Amy: Donorfy was the clear solution for a charity of our size. It was the sector best in terms of usability and how intuitive it is. One call with the Donorfy team made it obvious it was the clear choice.


Rachael: Donorfy really stood out and had the integration capabilities we were looking for. The Donorfy team were also really helpful and made the decision easy.


What made you choose DonorCare to support the implementation?


Amy: Donorfy recommended DonorCare as the best people to support our data migration and onboarding. After an initial call with the DonorCare team, it felt like they understood what we needed and would deliver it. We were on a really tight turnaround and they made it clear they could work to that timetable and make it happen for us.


Rachael: Some extra funding meant we had the budget to invest in an implementation partner and DonorCare were recommended to us. They very much shaped their offering to our budget – helping us establish what was and wasn’t possible.


How did DonorCare help you with the data migration?


Amy: DonorCare were instrumental in getting our data into Donorfy in the format we needed. We had some hiccups with the data from our old provider and the DonorCare team went above and beyond to make it usable. They got it all in order and ready to import – making what could’ve been a nightmare situation into a really smooth experience.


Rachael: The DonorCare team were great in suggesting the best ways of approaching the data migration. Downloaded all our old data in preparation and then discussed the various approaches and ways it could be tagged. They really helped our thought process – establishing what we needed and what we didn’t.


How did DonorCare help configure Donorfy to suit your needs?


Amy: It was clear the DonorCare team had a real understanding of what we needed Donorfy to do and how it needed to be modified to do it. For us it was about managing people and relationships as much as data, and they totally got that. They put our desired end result at the heart of the project and every decision was driven by that.


Rachael: DonorCare were really helpful in suggesting how to get the most out of integrations. We’d previously had no way of taking online payments, so this was made a priority. This made it possible to launch our first ever appeal.


What training was provided to help you get up to speed?


Amy: The online videos were incredibly helpful and allowed us to move at our own pace in terms of getting trained up. We also always knew we could reach out to DonorCare team at any point with questions.


Rachael: I really like the online videos – they’ve been so helpful. We also had a consultant from DonorCare on hand to talk to the team, meaning we could ask any questions and we were all on the same page.


How was your overall experience working with the DonorCare team?


Amy: It’s been really positive and I’m so impressed. I really can’t say enough good things about them. Knowing that someone is always there whenever we need help is really reassuring too. It’s been the complete opposite of our experiences with our old provider.


Rachael: It’s been really good. They’ve been so nice working with them and so worth doing. We would definitely recommend DonorCare to others.


What impact do you expect Donorfy to make to the work you do and your ability to do good?


Amy: It’s transformed things for us. It’s going to help us raise more money, enhance the supporter experience, increase efficiency, save us time and support more people.


Rachael: It’s allowed us to expand significantly into online giving and even attract supporters from overseas. It’s enabled us to carry out a number of appeals and manage our relationships with donors. This is especially thanks to the integrations with Eventbrite, Gift Aid and Mailchimp. We can now monitor each individual donor’s journey with us and enabled us to take someone from a single £5 donation to giving over £300. This wouldn’t have been possible before.     

Find out more about how DonorCare can help you get up and running with Donorfy – set up for success.