Fundraise for your charity on Facebook

by | Apr 26, 2021 | News

Fundraise for your charity on Facebook

Nonprofits are having an increasing presence on social media. Today nobody needs convincing that being on Facebook can have an impact for charities.

A well thought through Facebook profile cannot be overestimated. Mark Zuckerberg’s platform is not just for sharing holiday experiences, posting baby photo’s or getting those riddles right (although we like them too).

In times of a global pandemic it helps us stay in touch with relatives, it can be a source of information and news updates, or even a place where people look to shop safely. In addition, it can also massively help your charity to fundraise online. 
So, it is worth thinking through your charity page to get the greatest impact. Here are a few tips:

1. When setting up your charity page, remember to tell the world what you do, why you do it and how their donations make a difference. Tell the story about your amazing good cause.
2. Make sure you have a great picture with your posts and updates to catch people’s attention. Why not share a short video? Videos of you and your colleagues working from home can work well, they tell a story of staff trying their best to cope under difficult circumstances.
3. Be present – when people respond or like your charity, respond to them as fast as possible. Make the conversation two-way.
4. Get the Donate button visible on your organisations profile – to allow people to donate in just a few clicks*. 
5. Keep it fresh. Social media is fast moving, dynamic and in the moment. Content is key and so keeping everything updated and relevant will help you gather followers and influence. 
*To get a donate button, once you have your Facebook profile set up and your charity registered in the Facebook Payments service, go to your organisation’s page and click Add Button. Once the button has been added, move the cursor over it and select Edit button to change the text. Select Go shopping or donate > Donate > Next. Select the Donate via Facebook option. Click Finish.
* Statistics used have been taken from our partners and various other publicly available sources.