How to Build a New CRM Home for your Donors

by | Jun 17, 2021 | News

How to Build a New CRM Home for your Donors. 

Choosing and implementing a new CRM is like building a new home for your supporters and donors. You need a good plot, solid foundations, walls and a roof and finally some nice lighting and flat-pack furniture! 

Firstly, you need to decide on the plot requirements for your home – understand what you require now and what you think you may need as your donor base grows and matures. The CRM platform you choose will be the foundations of your new house. You need something strong and robust enough to take the weight of everything you want to do for many years going forward.  

The CRM onboarding set-up process for your good cause will give you walls and a roof so that your donors can move in. These need to be strong and solid, but also have a level of flexibility to enable growth and movement over time. 

Finally, it is the sustained care and attention from charity staff as time progresses that really makes this a good home for your donors and supporters. This is the time that, if you were creating a real home, you would invest in hemming new curtains, laying carpets, introducing soft lighting and building flat-pack furniture! It is the care you take to keep it clean and comfortable – as well as having a repaint every so often to keep it fresh. All of these things will enable your home to be liveable. For a CRM, it is the constant nurturing of the platform that will make it effective. For example, it is regular data cleaning, introducing new integrations and regular staff training that will ensure that your CRM inhabitants, your donors, have a home they want to remain and grow in. 

So when you are choosing your new CRM, whilst there are many options to choose from and decisions to make, fundamentally you are looking for a place that operates as a highly effective home for your donors and supporters. Building that home takes time and planning, and maintaining it is an ongoing process.   

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